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Celebrating Independence With Satava Art Glass

Published on 06/30 at 08:33 AM

                                                       Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary Logo

As we commemorate our 10 year Anniversary in 2016, we want to celebrate with our community and the independence of local business owners.


Owner of Satava Art Glass, Rick Satava is celebrating independence with us as a local, successful business owner. For the past 35 years, Rick and his team have been creating stunning original designs, including their world-renowned Jellyfish. Rick worked hard for five years to ensure he got the translucent jelly fish portrayed as it should through the beautiful process of glassblowing.

Rick was introduced to glass blowing in 1969 and has built his business to be one of the most successful Art Glass studios in the country. His work is representative to pictorial nature scenes and ocean life. His most successful design, the Moon Jellyfish, was inspired by a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Rick’s hand-blown vases, depicting beautiful natural landscapes, influenced Rick’s creation of the stunning vase he made for Golden Valley Bank.

Rick’s work is remarkable, detailed and one-of-a-kind. See more of his work in our video above.

            Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary Campaign: Rick Satava from Satava Art Class in Chico, CA

To learn more about Satava Art Glass, visit

To learn more about Golden Valley Bank, visit

At a Glance with Instant Balance!

Published on 08/31 at 02:07 PM


Quickly see your account balances without logging in.  Our new Instant Balance feature lets you view up to six accounts right from the login screen of the Golden Valley Bank App – no password necessary!

Just look for the new Instant Balance icon in the top right corner of the login

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Now Available! Direct Connect for QuickBooks

Published on 08/15 at 10:30 AM

                              Golden Valley Bank Direct Connect feature for QuickBooks

Gain easy access to Golden Valley Bank’s business online banking services directly from within QuickBooks. Automatically download posted transactions into QuickBooks using Direct Connect, making your reconciliation process even easier. Direct Connect will help your business avoid double posting of entries and improve accuracy; record and match deposits and save you time.

Click the links below for a step-by-step guide to set up Direct Connect for QuickBooks on your computer.

Step-by-Step to Direct Connect for Existing Web Connect Users

QuickBooks 2016 Getting Started Guide for Windows

QuickBooks 2016 Getting Started Guide for Mac

Need further assistance? Give us a call at 894-1000.

Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America

Published on 07/26 at 01:11 PM

            Golden Valley Bank Executive Staff; Diann Harger, James Doss, Julia Wilson, Mark Francis, Tracie Cvitkovich, John Coger

Golden Valley Bank has been identified as one of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America by DepositAccounts! The company annually ranks banks based on a number of factors related to safety and soundness. We are the only California bank north of Sacramento to have made the list. We are

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Now Available! GVB Business Mobile App

Published on 07/13 at 08:50 AM

           Golden Valley Bank Business Mobile App

Stay on top of your business finances the easy way. Deposit checks, pay bills and transfer funds with your smartphone using the GVB Business Mobile App. Fast access to your accounts wherever you are and whatever time of day. Our Business Mobile App puts secure banking right in your hand. Special thanks to Tom at Thomas H. Phelps Landscape Architecture for showing off our new Business Mobile App!

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Chico Heat Meet & Greet

Published on 06/17 at 03:58 PM

            Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley Meet and Greet with Heater and the Chico Heat gifted from Golden Valley Bank

With our Fireworks sponsorship, one of our perks was to get a Meet and Greet with the team and Heater. We decided to gift it to the Boys and Girls Club in Chico. The kids LOVED it. Not to mention the team. They answered questions, signed autographs and played games with the kids.

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Chico Heat Fireworks Games

Published on 06/17 at 02:09 PM

            Chico Heat Fireworks sponsored by Golden Valley Bank

June 4th marked the opening night for the Chico Heat baseball games with an announced crowd of 2,863.The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show sponsored by Golden Valley Bank. We hope everyone will come out to enjoy the next two fireworks games held July 4th and August 6th.

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The Power of Word of Mouth

Published on 06/01 at 04:14 PM

            Western Independent Bankers May/June issue featuring Golden Valley Bank article

We're Published!

Western Independent Bankers chose Golden Valley Bank to be featured in a national magazine. The topic for the magazine was about branding a bank and our article was all about our 10th Anniversary Campaign. We are thrilled to be highlighted in their publication. Read

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4th Quarter 2015 Economic Snapshot

Published on 04/19 at 01:22 PM

       4th Quarter 2015 Economic Snapshot Golden Valley Bank

            4th Quarter 2015 Economic Snapshot Golden Valley Bank

Our Snapshot numbers increased another 1.5% in Q4 15. The 101.6 index figure is the highest since 2007.
Overall, 2015 brought good growth to the economy that, unfortunately, might be difficult to repeat in 2016. We may be seeing some plateauing in Sales Tax, Housing, and

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New Administrative Office

Published on 04/18 at 12:40 PM

       Golden Valley Bank New Administrative Office Chico, CA

We ran out of room! In order to support our growth strategy, we increased our staff from 26 to 34 and plan on continuing to grow to a team of 45 by 2020. We knew we needed more space for all these folks, so in November 2015, we opened the doors to our new Administrative Office just steps

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Celebrating Independence with Wild Ink Press

Published on 03/31 at 12:09 PM

                                   Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary Logo

As we commemorate our 10 year Anniversary in 2016, we want to celebrate with our community and the independence of local business owners.


Next up is the story of Wild Ink Press, a local letterpress studio. Owner and designer Rebekah Tennis started Wild Ink Press in 2009, springing out of a desire to create a cherished, finished product. After working in both a corporate design firm and as a freelance designer, she longed to create art that was truly unique.

The company has grown and expanded over the years, and now are a staff of seven, have a retail and printing space in downtown Chico where they still do what they started at the beginning: design cards, print them on old presses, one ink color at a time, and package them with care for people all around the world to give and receive.

Rebekah’s video above tells her story in her own words. You will see her creations in the making and their path to completion. Golden Valley Bank was lucky enough to have Wild Ink Press create a beautiful card just for us! We are proud to partner with Rebekah and her team at Wild Ink Press. We welcome you to come join us!

             Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary campaign featuring Rebekah Tennis from Wild Ink Press in Chico, CA

Learn more about Rebekah's business at

Learn more about Golden Valley Bank at

Celebrating Independence With Red Hot Metal

Published on 01/04 at 08:00 AM

                                   Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary Logo

As we commemorate our 10 year Anniversary in 2016, we want to celebrate with our community and the independence of local business owners.


We kick-off our celebration by sharing a story of local business owner and Golden Valley Bank Founder, Jeff Lindsay. Jeff owns Red Hot Metal, manufacturing quality artist glassblowing tools and creating public art displayed around the Chico community, as well as around the country.

Jeff’s work includes the Manzanita corridor bridge railings, the bike sprockets at Potter Road, the main entrance fencing at Enloe Medical Center, many fixtures at Sierra Nevada Brewery and so much more. Jeff even built Sierra Nevada’s Beer Bikes!

Jeff’s video above tells his story in his own words. You will see some of his projects and see him in action creating a beautiful art piece for Golden Valley Bank. We are proud to partner with Jeff and his team at Red Hot Metal! We welcome you to come join us!

          Golden Valley Bank 10th Anniversary campaign featuring Jeff Lindsay from Red Hot Metal in Chico, CA

Learn more about Jeff's business at

Learn more about Golden Valley Bank at

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